About DoD, Document On Demand

Mission Statement
Our pledge to you is to help improve your image through prestigious document
creation, and improve your bottom line by providing a fast and efficient
document creation service at a cost-effective rate. We will do this by utilising
the latest in technology and by constantly finding better ways to serve you and
your document needs.

Corporate clients:
Your document create a perception of your business. Whatever industry you are in, your documents will be judged and your customers will make decisions based on the impression you have made. Think about it! If you sell a half million dollar piece of equipment and your manual is a photocopy with a staple or plastic binder around it, who will then believe that you have quality on every part of it?

Private clients:
Document On Demand also caters for the private individual who is looking to
get their publishing dreams off the ground.
Weather you have written your family history or a childrens book, we can print, bind and deliver your book in any quantity. One for yourself or 40 for friends and family. Then we place it on our web site and you can start to sell them to the world.

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