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Frequently asked questions
  Do I need a ‘formatted’ document?  
Give us an idea what it should look like, give us text in one file and pictures in another. We will take it from there. Obviously, if you can design what you need, the easier & quicker for us.
  What programs do I need on my computer?  
Most word processing or desktop publishing programs will do. When you are happy with the design, save it as aPDF or postscript file, (we can tell you how) and send it to us.
  How do I send my document to you?  
We offer several different ways and they are:
*Hard copy—bring an original document and we’ll take it from there.
*On CD—save your document onto a CD and send or bring it in to us.
*Email—send your document to us as an attachment.
*Web—you will soon be able to deliver the files to our web site.
  What is the expected lead time from start to finish.  
Once the job is signed off on there is a lead time of 4 weeks to complete the job. Obviously, if deadlines apply we will keep to these dates.
  Is a deposit required?  
Yes, once a job is given the go ahead a deposit of 30% of the total cost is payable.
  Is a setup fee applicable if Document On Demand is to do laying out of my
document ?
Yes, a $50 an hour setup fee is payable for layout needed of the cover or inserts. This includes any editing that needs to be done before the document goes to print.
  Are proofs included in the overall price of my order.  
The first set of proofs (including both cover and inserts) that are viewed are included in the overall print costs, however, if multiple proofs are required a $20 charge is payable thereafter.
  What is the cost of listing and selling my book on your website?  

There is no cost for listing your book.. All we ask is that once the order is placed is that we produce the book for you. We will then print, bind, pack, send and collect the payment. The profit is then paid to you. Can it be easier to publish your book?

If you already have the books in stock, you can still list your book on our site, we will then only charge a small handling fee.